DDA Solar Rebate Grants

Update:  the ypsilanti dda approved an additional $50,000 available for the Downtown District. We are accepting applications for downtown and West Cross Districts.

Did you know there’s a new DDA Solar Rebate program available to businesses in Downtown and West Cross Street beginning on July 1, 2022? Last week the DDA approved $50,000 for both districts to help encourage property owners to install solar for their commercial properties! This program will help cover 50% of your solar installation up to $10,000.

Ypsilanti has been a leader in solar power for the past 16 years. Ypsilanti currently has over 1.5MW of solar power which equates to 85.6 watt per capita and ranks Ypsi at 22 in the nation, on par with San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and other big cities. This is the first DDA based solar rebate program in the State of Michigan and hopefully a model for other communities to follow.

This investment represents the YDDA commitment to sustainability by leveraging up to $100,000 in DDA TIF Revenues to complement the existing programs recently approved by City Council. Combined with the $80,000 Grace Sweeney Solar Rebate program approved by City Council and the $50,000 CDBG solarallocation for homes in theHeritage Park Neighborhood, there are $230,000 of new solar rebate dollars available in the City of Ypsilanti.

The first come first serve process to apply is easy:
1) Owner gets a written quote from one or more licensed solar contractors. A list of contractors can be found here.
2) Owner verifies that they have a quote that is $3.00/watt or lower to qualify for rebate.
3) Owner sends the quote to City Hall (email or hardcopy) to reserve a rebate slot.
4) Owner is sent a notice by letter or email that the project is eligible for 50% rebate not to exceed $10,000. A rebate slot is not reserved until the owner/contractor pays for all required city building permits.
5) Owner tells the solar contractor to perform the work.
6) Owner/Contractor pulls and pays for all required City permits. Once permits are paid in full, the project will be notified by letter or email that a solar rebate slot has been reserved for the project.
7) Solar project is complete and passes all inspections within the 6-month time limit.
8) 50% Rebate check is sent to the named owner on the city permit.
9) Rebate award decisions are at the sole discretion of the YDDA
10) Owner will sign a hold harmless agreement with the City of Ypsilanti and YDDA for protection against any liability arising from solar installation.

For more information, contact us at: cjacobs@cityofypsilanti.com

Completed Projects
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