Match on Main Grants

The spring 2024 Grant Cycle is OPEN

due march 28, 2024

Grants may be used by the business for eligible expenses that support technical assistance, interior building renovations, permanent or semi-permanent activation of an outdoor space, and other working capital needs such as marketing needs and inventory expenses. Additional needs identified by the business and supported by the local community will also be considered.

Match on Main requires a ten percent (10%) cash match.

Match on Main is a reimbursement grant program. If awarded, grantees will submit copies of paid receipts of eligible expenses that align with the project budget as outlined in the application, for the total grant amount plus ten percent (10%), within six months of the executed grant agreement.


Is your business eligible?

  • Business is located within the boundaries of the Ypsilanti DDA.
  • Business sells products or services face-to-face AND has a physical brick and mortar store front.
  • The business is operating as a for profit or non-profit.
  • The business is NOT a franchise, located in a strip mall, a “big box” retailer, or a business whose primary sales come from marijuana, CDB, and/or tobacco
  • The business has NOT received Match on Main grant funds within the last 24 months (This DOES NOT include Match on Main – COVID-19 award)
  • The business will have, or intends to have, control over the site for which they are applying for prior to the Match on Main application.


Additional YPSI DDA Scoring Considerations –

1.  What is the projects impact and alignment with the DDAs strategic goals?
2.  Does the project depend on this funding?
3.  Does the project activate a vacant or underutilized space?


  • Match on Main is a reimbursement grant program that serves to support new or expanding place-based businesses by providing up to $25,000 in funding to support eligible activities.
  • Applicants are local units of government, DDA, or other management districts located in essentials or certified Redevelopment Ready Communities® or select or master Michigan Main Street Communities.
  • The applicant will determine which business within their district is selected for inclusion in the final application for support. Applicants are responsible for dispersing funds to businesses.
  • The maximum award to any individual applicant is $25,000 (enough to support only 1 eligible business). Applicants may submit no more than 2 applications per funding round.

Program Description

Match on Main is a reimbursement grant program, provided by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, that serves as a tool to support new or expanding place-based businesses by providing up to $25,000 in funding to support an eligible small business through an application submitted, administered, and managed by the local unit of government, downtown development authority, or other downtown management or community development organization where the business is located.

The MEDC finds value in supporting place-based businesses located in Redevelopment Ready Communities® and Michigan Main Street districts, given the local capacity that has been built to support new and existing small businesses through the technical assistance, training, and education communities gain by participating in these programs. The grant applicant –which is the local entity applying on behalf of the small business seeking grant support – must represent a community that is a essentials or certified Redevelopment Ready Community® or is a select or master level Michigan Main Street Community.

The focus of Match on Main is to support place-based businesses as they seek to launch and grow on main street. Small businesses are the cornerstone of what makes Michigan’s downtowns unique and authentic. This program aligns with the MEDC’s strategic focus areas, including the continued effort toward developing attractive places.

Program Goals

Match on Main strives to:

  1. Support the creation and growth of businesses located in select or master Michigan Main Street districts or essentials or certified Redevelopment Ready Communities® across the state
  2. Provide access to capital for place-based businesses, create and retain jobs, leverage private investment, and activate vacant or underutilized space
  3. Provide eligible communities with a business recruitment and retention tool as they work to grow and support their local entrepreneurial ecosystem

How the Match on Main Program Works

The Match on Main program provides grant funding to support an eligible small business desiring to launch or grow on main street by providing up to $25,000 in funding, reimbursed for eligible activities. The program is administered and managed by the local unit of government, downtown development authority, or other downtown management or community development organization who serves as the “eligible applicant”. The eligible applicant will select one eligible business, per application, located in their traditional downtown or other eligible business district to include for support – with a maximum of two applications submitted per funding round.

Find more information about the program on the MiPlace Page.

Grant Winners in our Community

Fall 2022
10 N. WAshington – Go ice cream
Fall 2021
406 W. Michigan – Earthen Jar
209 Pearl – BellFlower