What We Do

Strengthening Our City

The goal of the Ypsilanti Downtown Development Authority is to contribute to Ypsilanti’s vibrancy by fueling development and growth that benefits businesses and residents.

Our 12-member team, along with the Mayor of Ypsilanti, work together at the crossroads of community and government to help finance business owners’ needs alongside everyday improvements that support our city’s infrastructure and health.

Improvements with Impact

We serve the community, putting your tax dollars to work with transparency and accountability. Our scheduled board meetings are open to the public, and we welcome input from the community.

To support economic growth through improvements to physical buildings and the environment, we award grants to Ypsi businesses. Learn about grants »

Our longstanding work makes Ypsilanti cleaner and safer. We value our city’s history and diversity, and we partner with our community members for the betterment all.

Our Core Values

  • Safe / clean / cared for
  • Community engagement / participation / ownership
  • Historic Preservation
  • Diverse and Accessible
  • Unique / eclectic / locally owned
  • Positive (messaging, communication, approach)
  • Sustainability
  • Integrated / partnership / collaborative

Our History

The Ypsilanti Downtown Development Authority (YDDA) was originally established in March of 1976 with the goal of executing the Washington Promenade Streetscape Project. The YDDA then became inactive by 1979. However there was renewed interest in a YDDA in 1980 that led to the City completing a downtown development study in 1981. This eventually led to the creation of the 1983 Downtown Development TIF district and development plan. The TIF district and development plan have been amended several times since then leading the the 2003 Downtown TIF and development plan.

In 2000, the YDDA district was expanded to include the Water St. District. A Water Street TIF and development plan was established in 2001.

The Depot Town DDA (DTDDA) was established in June of 1984 as part of the stated goals of the City’s 1976 master plan. In 1992 a DTDDA TIF and development plan was established and was amended in 2000.

As part of the 2000 amended DTDDA TIF and development plan, the DTDDA district was expanded to include the W. Cross St. District. A Cross Street Neighborhood Improvement Plan was developed in 2002 and a new TIF district established in 2003.

The City of Ypsilanti was one of the few Michigan communities to have two separate DDA’s. These two DDA’s were governed by separate boards. In June 2009, the Ypsilanti City Council voted to create a single DDA board to govern both DDA’s as one organization, the new YDDA. See the approved City Council Resolution here. YDDA has recently approved its 2018 Annual Report, please click here to learn more about all we have accomplished. 

Is your business in the DDA? Check our DDA Map
Want to learn more? We have a DDA FAQ!