The Ypsilanti DDA is partnering with EMU Engage to bring you a brand new token program! We are handing out over 1200 $10 tokens valid only at West Cross businesses to new EMU students, faculty and staff!

Please familiarize your staff and program your POS system as needed to accept $10 tokens.
•One token per purchase. No student should have more than one token.
•One token is worth Ten US Dollars.
•Do not exchange the cash for token.
•Do not accept tokens as tips. Tokens can only be used once.
•Tokens are for in-store transactions only. No delivery.
•If someone purchases an item for less than $10, they do not get change. Value can not be split into multiple purchases.
•Ask student to scan QR code at register after using a token for chances to win more prizes, and to help us track program success. We want to run promos like this in the future!
•You may run complimentary promotions to encourage students to use tokens at your business.
•Please keep tokens in a secure location to ensure no abuse of the program.
•At the end of the promotion please submit all collected tokens to the DDA Staff. We will pick up the tokens in store on Tuesday October 4th. Reimbursement for tokens will be sent on October 20th. Please allow 1-2 business days for direct deposits. If you are not set up for direct deposit, you may pick up your check in person at City Hall if you do not want it mailed.
•Token amount will be reimbursed to the business from the DDA in the week following end of program. If you have NOT received a reimbursement or a grant from the DDA in the past, we will need a W9 form from your business to reimburse you.
•You may request reimbursement ahead of the end of the program if you have collected 100 tokens or any increment of 100. Please contact us and we will collect the tokens and begin early reimbursement.

•Do not accept tokens after SEPTEMBER 30th 2022. We will not reimburse tokens after this date.

Email if you have any questions