Depot town Plaza and river st. blvd. redesign

Map of thie Freighthouse plaza showing focus areas between the freighthouse and the E. Cross St. Block

The Ypsilanti DDA drafted an RFQ and hired Fishbeck Consultants to help us design concepts for the Freighthouse Plaza with the help of the DDA District Stakeholders and the surrounding community. The River St. Boulevard was included to act as a cohesive gateway to the district in anticipation of a bridge closure in the coming years. 

We are in the early stages of concept design and are collecting input from the community. We held a Depot Town DDA Stakeholders meeting, and an Open House at the Freighthouse. 

The Ypsilanti Downtown Development Authority is seeking your input regarding the Freighthouse Plaza, which is the public space including the Freighthouse and caboose, bounded by the train tracks, Rice Street, and North River Street. Please answer the following questions to help us understand the plaza and street, both as they are today and how you’d like to see them change in the future. Placemaking is an important component of public space. It greatly impacts the economic development, flow, function, and social interaction within the space. 

Ypsilanti Plaza Questionnaire 

We are collecting surveys through Friday, June 14th at 5pm.